Who are we?

Kiwi Hoopers is a US-based group started by Kiwis. We aim to connect with young basketball players from all over New Zealand, to help navigate the complex and challenging process of getting recruited by US colleges.

To kiwi Hoopers and the parents: We provide an array of services, including college counselling, and athletic training, and also connect you with a recruitment agent, to help our athletes achieve their dreams of playing college ball in the United States.

To coaches, recruits and agents: We’d love to help you to find a great prospect that fits your program. And be the go-to place to discover new Kiwi basketball talents.

Our ultimate goal is to empower young Kiwi Hoopers to take their talents to the next level and become world-class athletes. So if you are as passionate as to see other kiwi hoopers fly high as we do, let’s talk!