Steven Adams


Steven Adams

265 lbs
Current Team
Houston Rockets
nzl New Zealand


When it comes to professional basketball, few players in the NBA can compare with New Zealand’s own Steven Adams. A powerhouse center, Adams has established himself as one of the premier players in his position. He is renowned for his sheer physical strength and sheer will to win, as well as his superb work ethic on and off the court. Although he may lack the bombastic and flashy style of many other star players in the league, Adams is still one of the best big men in the game.

On the court, Adams is an absolute force. He stands 6’11 tall and weighs in at a stout 255 pounds, made up of solid mass, resulting in a player who wins all the battles in the paint. He does not rely solely on his immense size to overpower opponents, after having developed into an all-around threat. He not only has the physical skills to dominate the paint, but also the finesse and skill to triumph against smaller and more skilled opponents. Known for “out-hustling” opponents, Adams relentlessly pursues whatever he desires. Adams’ ability to read the play ahead and make the correct decision makes him even more dangerous, as he can find a way to the basket before most players even realise what he is up to.

Off the court, Adams is an admirable figure both in the game of basketball and in the broader world of sports. He respects both his opponents and the tradition of the game, as well as his own hard work and dedication to excellence. This hard work and dedication is captured by the famous proverb: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” As Adams has proven, this applies to basketball just as much as any other sport. He works hard to better himself day in and day out, setting an example for all aspiring NBA players who may not have the natural talent of LeBron or Steph.

He has proven himself as a highly skilled and well-rounded big man who uses every cube of energy he is given. His sheer physicality and sheer will to win make him a force to be reckoned with in the paint. His off-court respect for the game, dedication to excellence, and hard work make him a role model for any young basketball player who may not have the natural talent of some of the more famous stars in the game. Put simply, Steven Adams is an incredible player and model individual to whom many aspire.

I hope that basketball gains momentum and kids understand that you can actually make a living from it. Not just the N.B.A. You can get a scholarship, a free degree – like, no student loan you have to pay off. That’s huge in life. Once they realize that in New Zealand, I hope they get inspired.


NBA Franchise Records

Adams now holds the record for most offensive rebounds in a season at two NBA franchises. 349 with Memphis and 391 with Oklahoma City.

I just stand on the opposite side they’re shooting, typically the ball will bounce that far. That’s as basic as it goes.

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