Getting noticed by college basketball scouts and coaches can be a challenging process, but here are 6 terrific tips that may increase your chances:

  1. Develop your skills: To get noticed by scouts, you need to be a talented basketball player. This means putting in the time and effort to develop your skills, such as shooting, ball-handling, passing, rebounding, and defence. Consider joining a basketball team, working with a coach, or attending basketball camps to help you improve.
  2. Participate in regional/national basketball tournaments: basketball tournament teams are a great way to get noticed by scouts. Many coaches and some scouts attend these games and tournaments to identify talented players. Joining a competitive travel team can help you gain exposure to coaches and recruiters from various colleges.
  3. Build a highlight reel: Creating a highlight reel showcasing your best plays is a great way to catch the attention of scouts. Make sure your video is well-edited, showcases a variety of skills, and is easy to access and share online. Contact us at [email protected] for advice on how to create an effective reel for coaches and scouts.
  4. Stay active on social media: Scouts often use social media to find and follow players. Consider creating a social media account focused on basketball and share your highlights, game stats, and any updates on your progress. (Bonus tip: Be sure to connect with @kiwihoopers on Instagram and Twitter, we have current college players, recruiters and coaches following our modest account.)
  5. Build relationships with coaches: Building relationships with high school and college coaches can also increase your chances of being noticed by scouts. Attend basketball camps, clinics, and other events where coaches may be present and make an effort to introduce yourself and network.

Remember, getting noticed is not just about showcasing talent, but also about showing your attitude, work ethic, and character. Stay focused, work hard, and stay positive, and you may eventually catch the attention of the right people.

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