Step beyond the three-point line and into the heart of a family where basketball is more than just a game, it’s a legacy.

Join hosts Davy and Linden for this very special episode as we dive deep into the lives of the Jones family, a dynasty of hoops talent that’s.

Meet the Crew:

  • Phil Jones: The legendary sharpshooter, whose three-pointers were as smooth as his silky jump shot. He’ll take you on a nostalgic journey through his incredible career, from humble beginnings in New Zealand to dazzling crowds on the world stage. Oh yes, we didn’t forget to ask about his 105-points game.
  • Kat Jones: The rock of the family, whose toughness on the court is matched only by her unwavering support off it. Kat will share her inspiring story of balancing motherhood with her own athletic dreams.
  • Hayden Jones & Ava Jones: The next generation of stars, blazing their trails with their dynamic skills and fearless determination. Get ready for high-flying hoop action and a whole lot of sibling love as these rising stars take centre stage.
  • Can’t forget Maia Jones: We have also covered in our previous interview “Gael Force Wind”

Beyond the Arc is more than just a basketball podcast. It’s a story about:

  • Family: The unbreakable bond and the competitive spirit that fuels their journey.
  • Legacy: Carrying the torch of excellence while carving their unique paths.
  • Overcoming challenges: From injuries to playing on the world stage, the Jones family shows us how resilience and dedication can conquer anything.
  • The love of the game: From empty school gyms to packed arenas, the pure joy of basketball resonates through generations.

In the overtime, Phil has some really tough decisions to make as GM: between 3 of his comrades.

Whether you’re a die-hard hoops fan or just looking for a story of inspiration, Beyond the Arc is your ticket to a front-row seat on the Jones family’s journey. Because in the Jones family, every game is a family affair, every shot a chance to write their family legacy, and every moment beyond the arc, is a story waiting to be told.

Tune in to Beyond the Arc, where the only limit is the sky.

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