Buckle up for a hoops history-making moment you won’t want to miss! This interview isn’t just about stats and scores, it’s about a New Zealand young hero rewriting the record books and inspiring a nation.
We are excited to bring you the third episode of season 2 of Kiwihoopers Podcast. Here’s why you should hit play: Witness history in the making: Be front-and-centre as Charlisse Leger-Walker shares the behind-the-scenes story of becoming New Zealand’s all-time NCAA scoring leader. It’s a journey of grit, passion, and overcoming the odds, told by the person who lived it.
Get inspired by a role model: This interview is a shot of pure motivation for anyone striving for greatness, no matter their background or goals.

Go behind the scenes of NCAA stardom: Ever wondered what it’s like to play college ball in the US? CLW pulls back the curtain, sharing how she ended up in Pullman, WA, and why she loves it there.

Feel the Kiwi pride: This interview is a celebration of New Zealand’s rising basketball talent and the impact it’s having on the global stage. Hear How CLW’s hopes for the future of the sport back home and what she and her family are doing to help the sport.

More than just basketball: This interview goes beyond the court, offering a glimpse into CLW’s personality, values, and what drives them. You’ll laugh, you’ll be moved, and you’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for this remarkable athlete.
So, hit play, soak in the story, and be part of the celebration! 🇳🇿

Here is her highlight tape VS the No.2 Player in the US CAMERON BRINK:


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